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Robeff Technology

Create a more sustainable delivery process.

With our fully autonomous delivery robots: delivering food and beverages, groceries, and retail products to curbside and parking lots, last mile, and indoors. The technology was developed with sustainability at its core, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and improving quality of life.

More than Delivery

Fully Autonomous

Ability to drive fully autonomously in indoors and outdoors areas with built-in sensors.


An emission-free system that uses electrical energy.

Long-range & Fast

Long-range and fast robots provide uniterrupted delivery operations day-long.

Functional Design

Suitable to use in different concepts.

High Capacity

The ergonomically designed baggage has a large capacity.

Cost Saving

As deliveries are made autonomously, no extra workforce is required.

Multiple Deliveries

Multiple deliveries on a single charge.


Minimize the person-to-person contact.

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