About Us

DelIver to the future

Robeff is a technology company that design, produce and develop driverless electric robot platforms. We provide solutions about last-mile delivery and campus shuttle with the systems we designed.

Our Team

Özkan Köroğlu

Control Engineer

Yunus Emre Elaydın

Software Engineer

Coşkun Arslan

Software Engineer

Ahmet Can Kara

Hardware Engineer

Hüseyin Baki İnan

Design Engineer

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Tamer Yılmaz

The Rector of Yildiz Technical University

İsa Turgut İnci

Deputy General Manager at Yildiz Teknopark

Murat Peksavaş

Chairman of the Board of Binovative

Armağan Arslan

Managing Director at LeoDrive

Assoc. Prof. Alp Tekin ERGENÇ

Managing Director at Merg Engineering