We’re thrilled to announce that Robeff Technology has raised its Seed round.

Robeff received a seed investment with a valuation of $1.5m dollars.
Yıldız Tekno GSYO and Adventures Venture Capital Investment Fund participated in the investment tour.

Robeff is a technology company established in YTU Yıldız Teknopark in 2021. With Leo Drive‘s pre-seed investment, both companies made their partnership official and geared up their projects.

We are shaping the future by developing electrical self-driving delivery robots on a larger scale as opposed to our competitors. We are aiming to create a delivery process that is more efficient, cheap, foreseeable, and trackable. As a result of our versatile design notion, multiple deliveries on a single route, and internally developed route optimization algorithms we are aiming to reduce the jammed traffic for creating a more sustainable delivery process.

This investment will be used to develop our prototype robot and kick-start our autonomous delivery projects until the end of 2023. The biggest two goals of us are to drive the car fully autonomous for the first time in March 2023 and execute a successful end-to-end autonomous delivery in August 2023.

Last-mile delivery processes are being reshaped.

We predict that the autonomous systems are going to play an essential role for our lives in near future. We believe as long as we move forward, we can make positive impacts on people’s lives.